Since leaving New Orleans and arriving in L.A. in 2012, James has been leading and supporting the production of enterprise web projects for clients like L.A. Care, FEMA, San Diego Gas & Electric, Cooperative of American Physicians, Washington Gas, First-5 Santa Barbara, and the Computing Research Association; all on Drupal. James has given presentations on project management and business communication at SAND Camp, Drupal Camp L.A., GLAD Camp, EduWeb, PNW Drupal Summit, BAD Camp, Drupal Camp Asheville, Drupal Camp Stanford, and SACCamp. James formerly produced a video blog for Team FREDNET (TFX), one of the groups that was in competition for the Google Lunar X-Prize (and the only Open Source based team). James has given presentations to NASA on the TFX's mission profile.

As a Technical Project Manager at a digital agency, James coordinated all of the pieces that must come together in order to deliver highly functional websites on more than 20 Drupal sites over 3 years. James holds a Masters Degree in Economics, as well as an MBA in Finance, and he has been serving client's needs by turning concepts into polished deliverables since 2001. Currently he is an in-house Sr. Technical Project Manager for web properties at L.A. Care.

When not working in pursuit of his addiction to photography or supporting Toastmasters, he and his wife are out on some travel-adventure.

Specialties: Communications, Web Properties, Project Life Cycles, Change Management, Production Management & Systems, Analytical Reporting Development, Process Improvement, Construction Project Management, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery