PhpStorm Tips

If you're a PhpStorm user, I've some tips for you!

In this session:

  • Show great little features that have big impact (on time & productivity) -- I'll show a few items that do a lot of the little, dirty work you keep doing in a code editor. Over and over. And over. And over...
  • Favorite key commands. Who doesn't have 'em, right?!
  • Plugins worth your time. One is even about time! No, it's not the plugin you're thinking about, it's an other one.
  • See how you can save room in your external Terminal/Console/Shell by using features in the editor.
  • And other golden nuggets for PhpStorm users.

Some background about my obsession with code editors -- IDE's, Text Editors, Vim/Not-Vim. I've tried them all -- Eclipse IDE / Zend Studio, NetBeans, Komodo, Sublime, Atom, BBEdit, TextWrangler, Dreamweaver, Brackets, Visual Studio, Notepad, and some editors not worth googling -- and right now the best commercial product for the all-around editor for web developers is PhpStorm. Come see how to get more out of this good code editor.

Code and Development
One hour