Introducing Mediacurrent's Rain Enterprise Distribution with Decoupled Front-End

ECT 123

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In the days where decoupling Drupal's back-end from the Front-End has become an attractive solution and in some cases a necesity, Mediacurrent has developed a Drupal 8 Distribution for Enterprise Systems called Rain. The RAIN installation packages the best solutions the Drupal community has to offer so that organizations can build sites faster. We have used RAIN internally for the last two years, making improvements along the way prior to its release as an open-source project.

Two years in the making, our team has spent countless hours developing these tools internally and deploying them to our client projects. Our goal with this post is to share with the broader Drupal community, explain why we created RAIN, and share how it can benefit your organization. We welcome feedback.

Clients using Rain today include large B2B Enterprise, Higher Education, and Non-profit organizations. The Rain distribution is flexible enough to serve large and small organizations alike. For large enterprise builds, the install profile will reduce overhead and take advantage of reusable features even if the project overall is a highly-customized implementation. Smaller, more budget-conscious organizations have the opportunity to reuse even more out-of-box functionality for further savings. The end result is a fully branded, enterprise-grade Drupal solution for your organization

This session will introduce you to the Rain Distribution and demo some of the best features it has to offer. In addition to an vastly improved content editing experience, we have provided an optional decoupled Front-End which runs on React and Gatsby.

If you are looking to speed up your Enterprise level development by using the best of Drupal, this is the session for you. Take a look at Rain and join us in this great talk.

Business and Strategy
One hour
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