Easily Accessible


Accessibility — creating inclusive digital experiences — is often sidelined in site design and development due to budget, concern about diminished design, and the percevied difficulty of producing accessible interfaces. Achieving a high level of accessibility, however, can actually be quite simple, especially if the concepts are considered up front.

Perceived blockers to accessibility:

  • Budget: we don’t have the money right now, but will do it later
  • Design: our audience cares more about “wow” than accessibility
  • Difficulty: it is just too hard at the moment

Together, we will look at how budgets, designs, and development efficieny can be improved, rather than hampered, by including accessibility throughout the process.

Additionally, content strategy plays a huge role in how successfully a site remains accessible over the long run. This gives site owners and builders the opportunity to improve accessibility incrementally with little-to-no additional effort, which is quite satisfying.

What we will cover:

  • Easy ways to significantly improve accessibility
  • Understanding the real breadth of accessibility
  • Considering (simple) user research as a way to up your accessibility game
  • Examining the role designers play
  • Looking at how content strategy impacts accessibility
  • Low effort ways to identify (and prevent!) points of failure

Who this session is for:
This talk will not require any high level of technical skill, and is designed for everyone.

  • Designers and site builders interested in "doing better"
  • Content editors and creators, and anyone responsible for marketing
  • Anyone who wants to improve their site accessibility but is concerned about cost and time involved
  • Anyone responsible for explaining to stakeholders why accessibility won't break the bank

What you will come away with:

  • A handful of tricks that can be quickly and easily applied across new and existing projects alike
  • A short list of easy resources
  • A longer list of research opportunities for those who want to go beyond easy
Design and User Experience
One hour