Configuration Management

ECT 123

An entry/intermediate level introduction to using Configuration Management in Drupal 8.

Configuration Management is one of those things that can be accomplished more than one way. Which way is right for you depends on many factors such as...

  • Are you the only developer or are you working with a team?
  • Are you using Drush?
  • Are you using a code repository (repo) like Git?
  • Does your hosting support SSH?

In the most basic of configurations you could do everything in Drupal's user interface (UI) but at the other end of the spectrum you could be working with a local environment where you would export your configuration, commit the changes to your repo, and merge them to your site's development branch so other developers can use/review them before you depoy (merge) them to your production environment.

I am by no means a Configuration Management guru or Git ninja, there are more way advanced techniques and more streamlined methods than what I will cover, but if you're relatively new to this feature and relatively new to Git, then you will walk away with decent foundation with which to build on.

Code and Development
One hour