Communication 3: How to Respond When Clients Are Screaming at You

ET 204

Audience: All

Your client is freaking-out in your face with a full-blown meltdown! Demanding to know, "Well, what are you doing about this!?..."

This yelling will not stop until you have told this client something they want to hear, but what!?... They won't believe a word you say. How do you figure this out and survive this heart-attack moment?

This session is for anyone who is interested in improving their conflict-resolution skills to smooth out the inevitable issues that happen when dealing with other human beings; especially clients.

We will look at interpersonal conflict and the responses needed to reduce tension and move forward.

1. Parts of the communication process that produce conflict; how to manage them
2. Using simple models of conflict to give insights that help manage the situation
3. Conflict analysis; how to successfully solve those conflicts with targeted responses to diffuse the situation

This session is appropriate for *all* skill levels, and it is 3 of 3 presentations offered in a series; each can be attended alone with specific value and different communication strategies presented in each, or attended in sequence for a comprehensive understanding of communication success. -- Part 1, covers the basic model of the communication process itself, and Part 2, covers the nature of conflict so as to avoid more of it in the first place; Part 3, covers how to handle it when it cannot be avoided, and conflict explodes around you.

Business and Strategy
One hour