DrupalCamp LA Schedule Published

DrupalCamp LA 2019 is coming this weekend, August 24-25, 2019. A preliminary schedule is now available; get ready for an awesome Drupal weekend! Registration check-in is required and takes place in the Colloquia Room starting at 9am; first session starts at 10am. More details below, and online at: https://2019.drupalcampla.com/information/about

Schedule now available

A (preliminary) schedule is now published at https://2019.drupalcampla.com/schedule.

With a schedule now published, it's time to pick the sessions you plan to attend. Any sessions you have chosen will be indicated with a check mark visible when you're logged in. Please resolve any conflicts and make sure you have only chosen one session per time slot (but remember the schedule is subject to change, so re-check your schedule frequently during camp).

  1. If you are coming to DrupalCamp LA 2019 and haven't registered, register now at https://2019.drupalcampla.com/user/register
  2. If you're already registered, login at https://2019.drupalcampla.com/user and confirm which days you're attending (or not attending); click Edit then Attendance, mark your Attendance and click on Save

New to DrupalCamp?

Are you new to DrupalCamp or new to Drupal? Join us Saturday at 9:40a for a 10-minute Introduction to DrupalCamp. We'll tell you what you need to know to get the most out of camp, and answer your questions. We'll have coffee brewing and maybe a few snacks for all our early birds. Its first come, first serve.

Bring cash for parking and lunch

Parking costs $13/day, credit/debit or cash. Purchase your permit from the attendant (or machine) at the parking structure, and display it on your dashboard. Directions and parking info: https://2019.drupalcampla.com/information/directions-parking

You’re on your own for lunch both days. Directly across Campus Dr. (a 10 minute walk from Engineering) over Watson Bridge is the University Center shopping center with a variety of sit-down and fast food restaurants with plenty of outdoor tables available. https://2019.drupalcampla.com/information/eatdrink

Group Photo, Saturday 3:30pm

Meet on the Engineering quad outside the Colloquia Room for a group photo promptly at 3:30p. Don't be late or you'll miss the photo.

Saturday DrupalCamp After Dark

Join us in the Colloquia Room at 5pm Saturday for an evening receiption. We'll have some snacks and beverages. Pickup your drink tickets at the registration desk, and be sure to pick this session if you're planning to attend so we can get a head count.

Presenters: get your laptops ready before the camp

Each person planning to present needs to make sure their laptop is ready for our video recording system. Details at: https://2019.drupalcampla.com/information/presenters

Each room has a projector with VGA and/or HDMI hookup, so be prepared for either. If you have a Mac you MUST bring your VGA or HDMI dongle!


This is a community event. We need volunteers to help throughout the day, with setup in the morning, and with cleanup at the end. Its not hard labor and its needed so please consider volunteering. Details are available at: https://2019.drupalcampla.com/information/volunteers

Jobs Board

Each year we have a real jobs board at the camp. We provide a bulletin board and pins for companies to get a chance at the camp to post their job openings. All Drupal related jobs are encouraged and there is no charge for this during the camp. We do ask that each job have a contact email/phone number.

Join the discussion

Head over to #drupalcamp at https://ladrupal.slack.com and join the discussion. Sign up through https://ladrupal.org or https://2019.drupalcampla.com.


This event could not be produced without the support of the community and our wonderful sponsors. Drop by their table and say thanks. https://2019.drupalcampla.com/sponsors

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